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  • Licensed Doctors, Specialists in adult psychiatry
  • Licensed Psychologists
  • Licensed Psychotherapists
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We offer evidence-based and individualized care both online and at our clinic.

Are you suffering from sleep deprivation, stress, worry or anxiety? Perhaps you need help to get a diagnosis? For instance, depression, ADHD, autism or fatigue syndrome/exhaustion. At Aidera Psykiatri you can find individualized care both online and at our clinic when you need help with a mental illness.

Use our application

If you are aged 18 or above you can use our app and let our doctors and psychologists help you get a diagnosis, assessment, therapy and treatment via video calls. With our app you can book a meeting, communicate with us and decide if you want to meet our specialist at our clinic or face-to-face online.

At Aidera Psykiatri we are specialists in adult psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy. Therefore, we offer you the best possible individualized care when you need help. Professional care, continuity and accessibility are our key words. Above all, we believe that it is every person´s right to have access to modern and evidence-based psychiatric care when needed.